The Learning Tree Nursery School

Teacher's & Assistants

Miss Michelle -2's M/W/F Teacher

I’m Michelle, originally from Queens and now happily settled in Oyster Bay with my husband, our son, daughter, and two beloved dogs. Equipped with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition, I initially pursued a career as a Registered Dietitian. However, three years ago, I embarked on a new and fulfilling journey as a teacher for the 2’s class, and I’ve been cherishing every moment of this adventure. Witnessing my class explore, succeed, acquire new skills, and foster friendships brings me profound joy—they’ve truly become an integral part of my heart.

Miss Dena 2's Tu/Th Teacher

I’m Dena, I hold a degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University and have been a proud member of The Learning Tree since 2021. Residing blissfully in Oyster Bay for over two decades with my husband, three wonderful children, and a small pup, I find joy in cheering for my kids at baseball and soccer games or trying my hand at golf during leisure moments. Being entrusted with the education of your children is an absolute blessing, and my mission is to make their first year of school a joyful and exploratory experience that ignites a lifelong love for learning.

Miss Carla 2's Assistant

I’m Carla, a proud resident of Oyster Bay, and I serve as the toddler assistant at The Learning Tree for the past two years. With two children in 9th and 6th grade, I bring valuable insights into the educational journey of young minds. Prior to joining the Learning Tree staff, I was the owner of LaFavorita in town, and truly enjoy showcasing my entrepreneurial spirit. During my leisure moments, I delight in cooking for my family and friends.  I am so fond of my little toddlers and I eagerly anticipate many more years of contributing to the growth and development of the community.

Miss Lisa - 3's Teacher

I’m Lisa and for the past 11 years, I have found immense joy in my role at The Learning Tree, focusing on teaching my favorites—the 3-year-olds. Equipped with a master’s degree in special education from LIU Post, I initially started my career teaching kindergarten for the NYC Department of Education. In my 3’s class, I am dedicated to striking a balance between play and academics, fostering holistic growth in the children. My lifelong passion revolves around developing and nurturing young minds, with a special affinity for instilling a love of reading. My cherished moments include reading books to my class and witnessing the budding enthusiasm for reading. Beyond the classroom, I find pleasure in exercising, reading, and traveling, particularly to Florida to visit my parents. Most importantly, I treasure the time spent with my husband, three daughters, and Maggie, my beloved cockapoo.

Mrs. Roach - 3's Assistant

I’m Mrs. Roach, a resident of Oyster Bay for more than 40 years. Fun fact, I bring over two decades of dedication to The Learning Tree. After a fulfilling nursing career and raising my two sons, I embraced a new chapter with the school. I have been an integral part of the 3’s class since the start of my time at The Learning Tree and have a fondness for the school’s evolving journey. As a seasoned member, I acknowledge the appeal of The Learning Tree to local families, emphasizing the continuous efforts to enhance and adapt the programs for providing an excellent start to young children in the community.

Miss MariahPreK Teacher

Miss Mariah - PreK Teacher

I’m Mariah, a passionate Pre-K teacher with a profound vigor for nurturing young minds. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Students with Disabilities from LIU Post, I bring over a decade of experience in guiding preschool-aged children. My teaching philosophy centers on fostering a love for learning through a hands-on, inclusive approach in a safe and engaging classroom environment. Beyond the classroom, I cherish moments with my husband Greg, our three children (Alex, 15, Aidan, 13, and Anastasia, 8), and our two dogs, Daisy and Duke. Excited about another year at The Learning Tree Nursery School, I look forward to witnessing the remarkable progress of your little ones.

Miss Tracey - Prek Assistant

I’m Tracey and I find immense joy as a Pre-K Assistant. A resident of Oyster Bay for over a decade, I share my life with my husband Aaron and our eight-year-old twins, Jacob and Emma, who attend Vernon School. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies from SUNY Cortland. Throughout my academic journey, I contributed to the YWCA, spearheading the development and implementation of various activities and programs. Currently, I proudly serve as a Girl Scout Brownie leader for third-grade girls in Oyster Bay, and I hold the position of Vice President on the PTA board, where I’ve chaired committees such as PARP, Book Fair, and Art for several years. My passion lies in helping children learn and grow, both within and outside the school environment. It’s a dream come true to work with children, and I feel extremely fortunate and thankful to be a part of the Learning Tree family. I extend my gratitude to all for entrusting me with a role in your children’s lives.

Miss Diane - Prek Assistant

I’m Diane, a devoted and enthusiastic individual, and an integral part of the Oyster Bay community for the past 26 years. With three children who were students at The Learning Tree, I actively served as a board member and class mom. Currently, I thrive in my role as a teacher’s assistant at The Learning Tree, bringing nearly a decade of dedicated service. My primary objective is to cultivate a warm and engaging classroom environment for my students. Beyond the school setting, I enjoy quality time with my family, exploring nature, tending to my garden, and actively participating in community service. As an “empty nester,” Diane’s foremost goal is to embrace a life of travel and exploration.

Miss Marla - Music Teacher

I’m Marla, a longstanding member of the East Norwich community. I have two sons and two grandchildren with my husband, Dwight. My passion for music blossomed during my sons’ early years, leading me to pursue a Master’s in music at Northwestern. Serving as the director of the Early Childhood Music Program at The Green Vale School and a faculty member at LIU Post, I have left a lasting impact on music education. In the Christ Church Parish, I assume the role as a section leader and soloist in the choir. Additionally, I offer private music lessons in my home. My husband Dwight and I have a love for travel and we look forward to exploring new places each year. I look forward to spending meaningful moments with our little ones and having the opportunity to broaden their musical horizons.

Miss Greta - Dance & Atelier Teacher

I’m Greta, the dance and atelier teacher at The Learning Tree. My diverse journey began in the Indiana woods, continued through the mountains of Virginia for college, and led me to New York City to pursue a career as a modern dancer. After six years with a professional modern dance company, I transitioned to teaching, spending four years in Special Education for grades 3-5 and another year teaching dance as a special. Following a nine-year hiatus to care for my children, I immersed myself in educating through dance and science for homeschool groups, afterschool and summer programs. Joining Friends Academy as an Assistant and later as Co-teacher in the Playgroup for three-year-olds, I discovered a passion for early childhood education and the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which I joyfully bring to my first year at The Learning Tree Preschool.

Miss Cara - Phys Ed Teacher

I’m Cara, an Oyster Bay mom of four kids spanning kindergarten to 6th grade. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health Studies from Adelphi University, along with a Masters in Performance Enhancement, I’ve been teaching physical education across all age levels for years.  Currently, I’ve been teaching PE at The Learning Tree for three years and am also involved in teaching at St. Dominic’s Elementary School and Oyster Bay Preschool. When not teaching, you’ll find me on the soccer field coaching my kids’ teams or leading two Girl Scout troops. Actively involved in the OBEN PTA, I enjoy going into schools and working with children. In my free time, I’m a marathon runner aiming for the 6 star medal of the Abbott World Majors, with two stars completed. I love engaging in adventurous activities with my children, creating lasting memories. My teaching journey has connected me with numerous lives, and witnessing the growth, confidence, and skills of the children from year to year fills me with true pride.